Interview met Nicky Vankets

Modeontwerper en jurylid Nicky Vankets (39) sprak met ons over de huwelijkssector in België. “Het wordt dringend tijd dat we de koppen bij elkaar steken”, aldus Vankets. De Wedding Industry Awards (WIA's) en de netwerkevents van HL België vindt hij alvast een stap in de goede richting om de huwelijksindustrie te verenigen. “Maar we zijn er nog lang niet.”

Interview with candidate Lots

Participating in an award ceremony is courageous but often the benefits outweigh the investments.

We asked Lieselot of Lots Flower Art why she was a candidate and she answered our question with

a very refreshing look.


Why did you apply for the Wedding Industry Awards?

I participated because I see it as a publicity stunt. You are often mentioned on social media and

you get more publicity in a bridal magazine. HL Belgium and the WIA's reach a large number of people,

more than the people I reach on my social media. And that is a nice bonus for all candidates, because you

actually extend your own network. At the event itself your name will be named in a room full of professional customers.

So the WIAs are also a kind of networking.


Do you think the investment is worth its money? 

I find the WIA's not expensive at all. If you look at how much your registration fee costs. You have two tickets, which is half of your registration fee, and you are published on social media and in a bridal magazine. For € 600 you do not even have an article in a bridal magazine and wedding fairs are twice as expensive. That is why I decided to do a wedding fair less this year. Sometimes you have to invest in advertising, especially as a beginner. And this is a good deal. "


Participate or win?

For me it is not really about winning, but about the fact that your name is mentioned and that people can view your work.

So, participate for me.

Thank you Lieselot and good luck!

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